Traffic solution needed

Catherine van Driel, West Beach

The City council has to do something regarding the traffic congestion on Sandown Road.

Most of my daily commute to Brackenfell is spent on Sandown Road, both morning and afternoon.

The huge new housing development “The Sandown” is going to cause even more congestion. Synchronisation of the traffic lights might help.

Taxi drivers are also a frustration on this road, overtaking against oncoming traffic, driving over red traffic lights, ignoring stop signs and cutting other vehicles off.

Drivers disregarding the traffic laws and signs are a major problem at the traffic lights at Malibongwe, turning onto the N7 and off the N7 towards Sandown, driving in the wrong lanes, cutting law-abiding citizens off. Most of these are taxis, buses and heavy vehicles.

Visible Metro cops and cameras might help.