Malcolm Freeman

Three decades of history runs across the Tabletalk pages.

With heroes and villains, to those promoting promising changes.

Witnessing the West Coast world, to the place we are now.

You have given us comment, opinion and the occasional row.

You have provided a place for our children to shine.

Reviewed many places where we could wine and dine.

Provided local sports with their moments of glory.

As well as the meat. A good old fashioned news story.

Letters have been published of concerned local folk.

Provided literature for those who find themselves broke.

Journalists have come and gone as you have given them their start.

But I’m pleased to see so many stories told with a loving heart.

From the canals of Century City, a bustling hub.

To Melkbosstrand and Dunoon, reaching all homes and every club.

Table View and surrounds have grown older with your news, your stories, your pictures and the editor’s views.

We look every Wednesday and reach for your written word.

Just to find out if something exciting and local occurred.

As you turn 30 we hope to see more. So let us all celebrate today as I believe you still have plenty in store.