TVRA puts the kettle on

It looks like the Table View Ratepayer’s Association (TVRA) is going to need a bigger teacup. The storm engulfing the association continues to spill over into the public domain, with bitter feuding between members on Facebook and allegations of increasingly authoritarian behaviour being levelled against some exco members.

At times it can be hard to keep track of who’s in and who’s out on the exco, with gushing adulation for allies and barbed jabs at those questioning the status quo being posted on the association’s Facebook page.

TVRA chairwoman Mandy da Matta’s description of the row as a “storm in a teacup” increasingly seems like a desperate attempt to downplay a growing crisis of confidence in the organisation.

This is one cuppa that seems to have left a very bitter taste in the mouths of TVRA members, with growing calls for a special general meeting (SGM) which would permit the election of an new exco.

Instead of answering questions, Ms Da Matta wants to school Tabletalk about “ethical journalism”.

Surely members’ constant griping about the constitution, suspensions and resignations are in the public interest. We didn’t invent the story. It’s there for everyone to see.

Tonight’s meeting of the TVRA has been described as a “normal public meeting” but comments on the TVRA Facebook page show people want answers and the meeting will most likely not deal with suggestions for beach clean-ups and C3 complaints.

Cuppa tea anyone?