TVRA’s ‘future’ on meeting agenda

A fresh cup of commotion is brewing at the Table View Ratepayers’ Association (TVRA).

Following weeks of public bickering, members are set to meet today, August 10, to try to “put matters to bed”.

According to the meeting notice posted on TVRA’s Facebook page, the meeting was being called to discuss “the future of the organisation”.

Although the TVRA chairwoman Mandy de Matta called the ongoing row a “storm in a teacup”, after Tabletalk previously reported on their Facebook feuding, the differences over issues, such as whether a special general meeting (SGM) is required, refused to die down (“Stormy weather for TVRA,” Tabletalk, July 20).

Members insisted on an SGM after several issues were raised, including the manner in which some members were apparently removed from the exco and an alleged lack of transparency and communication by the exco.

While the status of some exco members remains uncertain, it appears the exco is left with only three members, namely Ms Da Matta, Jamie Agenbag and Kelly Lee Rau. While Ron Bonthuys and Liza Wilson resigned from the TVRA, Leon Alhadeff and Mike Channing confirmed they had been suspended from the organisation.

When asked the reason for his suspension, Mr Channing told Tabletalk that the undated letter he received had been “vague”.

Mr Alhadeff also said the reason for his suspension wasn’t clear.

On Wednesday August 3, Liza Wilson announced her immediate resignation from the exco on the Facebook page, saying she did not have time to deal with everything as she had to concentrate on her business.

Mr Bonthuys commented on her resignation saying, “It’s a thankless task with certain individuals that can never be pleased no matter what you do and always looking for a way to attack you but never offer solutions nor prepared to assist.

“They are quick to quote the verse and chapter of the constitution but fail to see the good you were trying to achieve for the community as a whole.”

In a string of posts following the announcement of tonight’s meeting, someone asked whether it was the SGM that had been called for, but Ms Agenbag responded saying: “It will be decided on the night if an SGM is to be held on the 24th or if the membership present would prefer to put matters to bed on the night”.

In a squabble that ensued, where several members argued about whether tonight’s meeting should be the SGM or if they should wait 14 days before an SGM convenes, Ms Da Matta urged people to read the constitution and get legal advice to interpret the constitution.

“It is actually quite clear on many different levels about the actions.

“I have noticed a few assumptions above in the comments that are not correct.

“Please attend the meeting where everything may be raised in a civil and respectful manner,” she said.

In the same string of posts, she added later that, “All paid-up members may vote, if called to do so by the chairman of the meeting.

“Read the TVRA constitution, it is very clear and easy to understand”.

Ray de Beer said, “I think Mandy da Matta has turned TVRA into a farce or a joke, whichever one fits her. Either every resident has got to come together and OUST the ‘Joker’ or Table View has a problem.

“Rules were set up to run the association and not to be adapted as she sees fit!”

When Tabletalk spoke to Ms Da Matta on Tuesday morning to confirm the venue of the meeting and the agenda, Ms Da Matta said it would be a “normal public meeting” taking place at Blouberg Ridge Primary School. It is scheduled to start at 7pm.

Asked how many exco members there were on the TVRA, she claimed there were six, including Mr Alhadeff but that he was currently on suspension.

Ms Da Matta declined to comment when asked why Mr Alhadeff had been suspended.

Regarding comments made on Facebook, she said: “Facebook spats are not part of the ratepayers’ purpose.

“They do not deal with any community issues or service delivery matters for ratepayers or residents of the greater Table View community.”

She added that the TVRA has a valid constitution and no single person may use it to further their aims.

“Members need to act in accordance to the constitution,” she said.