Two arrested with stolen property

Police recovered this stolen flat-screen TV and an air rifle and arrested two men on stolen-property charges in Table View last week.

Police arrested two men in Table View last week on charges of being in possession of stolen property.

According to Table View police spokeswoman Captain Adriana Chandler, officers spotted the men, aged 41 and 35, on Blaauwberg Road, in a VW Polo with two different number plates, neither of which matched the licence disc.

Police found a flat-screen TV in the back seat and an air rifle in the boot along with backpack containing gloves, a cap, screwdrivers and a crowbar.

The police arrested the men and established later that items in the car had been stolen from a West Beach home..

Captain Chandler said the men could face additional housebreaking charges.

Police say housebreaking tools were found on the two suspects.