Two sinkholes in three weeks on Montague Drive

A second sinkhole that opened in Montague Drive last Thursday, about 60m from the first three weeks earlier, swallowed a bus stop.

Contractors have been assessing damage caused by two sinkholes that opened in the same stretch of road in Montague Gardens over three weeks, says the City.

The first sinkhole appeared in Montague Drive on Monday morning August 21, and the second appeared about 60m away on Thursday September 14 and swallowed a bus stop.

Charles Mwangi, of Summer Greens, uses Montague Drive every morning, and said the sinkholes did not inspire confidence in the City.

“Lately I have been trying to avoid using this road, but it is very convenient for me to travel in the morning. We need to know that the City, or anyone who is in charge of this, that they are handling the matter and ensure that we don’t have similar problems soon.”

A statement from the City’s media office dodged our questions about what might have caused the holes, saying only that they were being repaired.

“The first repair is currently progressing well. Due to this occurrence, an additional section of the road needs to be closed, and traffic in the area will be diverted. A contractor is on site to assess the extent of the damaged sewer line before the actual remedial work can be done. Traffic services are also on site to assist with the diversion of traffic in the area. This is in the interest of safety as it will also afford the ease of operating the large mechanical equipment during the excavation process,” said the statement.

Ward councillor Anthony Benadie said that the “unofficial estimated” repair time for each of the sinkholes was five weeks.

“During this time, traffic diversion will be necessary, and we urge all motorists to be extra cautious.

“The deteriorated state of the Montague Drive sewer line is exactly what has prompted the massive investment in the Montague Gardens bulk sewer line installation along Railway Road.

“The City will also prioritise ultrasonic vibration testing along all parts of the current Montague Drive pipeline in a proactive step to identify other risk points where cavities may have begun forming.

“Repairs of this nature take time, receive top priority but are disruptive. I appeal to local businesses and their clients to exercise patience and caution during this time.”