Tycoons of tomorrow

Chininso Onu, 9, and Megan Manga, 8, sold boerewors rolls at their stand.

Children had a chance to unleash their inner tycoons at a Young Entrepreneurs’ Day market, on the corner of Ocean Way and Cardita Circle, in Sunset Beach, on Saturday. It was organised by the Sunset Beach Homeowners’ Association and a local estate agent, Ari Voyiatzis.

Some of the youngsters who took part in the market with the organisers in the background.
Isis Esperanza, 11, sold sweet treats including chocolate cakes, whoopie pies and cheesecake that she baked herself.
Muhammad Adam, 10, sold toffee apples and candy bars.
Israa Adam, 11, said the catchy signage at her cupcake stand attracted customers
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