‘Useless bridge’

Kerryn von Reitzig, Monte Vista

I feel that this bridge is completely useless.

It may be a historic bridge, but it has no benefit. We have a bridge and walkway on the other side that is perfect for use.

This bridge won’t be used for people to drive on like in the past when the bridge was new.

It is not going to attract tourists nor is it going to benefit the properties in the area.

I go to this beach all the time, and what attracts my attention is not the old bridge but rather people begging for money in the parking lots and people sleeping on the floor on the walkways. Also people who will wash your windscreen for the least amount of money.

Poverty and homelessness are a huge thing in our country. This money can build at least 300 Reconstruction and Development Programme (RDP) homes for families living on the street. It is disgusting that this project will get approval when we have so many homeless people living on our streets.

Just the other morning, I was walking in town, and what I saw brought me to tears: a man and his wife were huddled together, sleeping in the archway of a closed shop.

They weren’t begging for money at the robots nor were they giving anyone a sob story to con them out of money. They were trying to keep warm and get some sleep.

Getting the homeless off the streets will attract tourists more than some old rickety bridge.

The money could also go towards finding a solution for the water problem we are currently having.