Vagrants removed in Parklands

City law enforcement removed vagrants in Parklands over the weekend.

A man has set up a shelter in between the bus lanes at the Blaauwberg and Gie roads intersection.

According to Table View resident Paul le Roux, the man has been living there for the past month.

The man has a dog with him and Mr Le Roux complained that some residents encouraged the man to stay where he was by giving him food.

“We are going into the festive season and we can’t have people making our area looking filthy. I have been living in Table View for 42 years and this place is becoming unpleasant to live in,” he said.

Greater Table View Action Forum chairwoman, Karen Davis, said she had logged a C3 service request to remove the man because he was a hazard to himself and motorists.

“This vagrant is an old Table View resident and has family in the area, I believe. He is breaking the law on a few levels. Firstly, he is living on land that belongs to the City or it could be the roads department. He is an obstruction to traffic and daily puts up weird and sometimes threatening signs on the traffic light poles or on the sidewalk. This is against the law too, as far as I am aware.

“His dog is left to find shelter in the little shade under the palm tree and he uses this dog to gain sympathy as many of our animal-loving residents stop to give him dog food or money for the dog,” she said.

Ms Davis said SAPS and law enforcement had told her the man would be taken to Somerset Hospital for medical evaluation.

“They have also assured that his dog will be taken care of while he is there,” she said.

Law enforcement did not respond to emailed questions by the time this issue went to print.

City law enforcement tore down several vagrants’ shelters in Parklands at the weekend.