Van Riebeeckstrand Primary School

Van Riebeeckstrand Primary School

It was with great anticipation in 1981 that the sleepy dorp of Melkbosstrand waited for Van Riebeeckstrand Primary School to open its doors to accommodate both local and overseas pupils.

The school would serve the community which had been established in the area to build the Koeberg Nuclear Power Station as well as the Atlantis Diesel Engines.

Children from as far as Poland, France, America, Scotland, Ireland and England attended the school. Some 250 pupils were enrolled at the time, despite the fact that there were no sports fields and the youngsters had to practise athletics on the beach.

The school used the Koeberg Club facilities to play cricket, soccer, tennis, netball and rugby.

Nico Erasmus was the first principal, followed by Andre de Villiers, then Francois Visser. Kobus Pelser was appointed to the post in January this year.

Today the school has 1 117 pupils and 59 staff. Van Riebeeckstrand Primary School has laid a strong foundation for future leaders, and many famous people have been shaped and groomed at there.

Many ex-pupils living abroad still occasionally visit the school just to see if some of their beloved teachers are still teaching at Van Riebeeckstrand Primary School.