Vendors losing business

A pile of rubbish in Joe Slovos Freedom Way.

Meat vendors in Joe Slovo’s Freedom Way say their businesses are suffering because they’re surrounded by piles of garbage and the stink of sewage.

Vendors near the intersection with Kiwu Road say they have complained to their councillor without success.

“It is very difficult to sell to people because who wants to eat food that is made right next to a rubbish dump? We are trying to make an honest living here, and it seems like we are being failed by the City of Cape Town,” said trader Thabisa Mjovana.

Ms Mjovana said Kiwu Road had been little more than a rubbish dump throughout December.

Ward 4 councillor Wandisile Ngeyi urged people to stop throwing their rubbish in the street because it was unhygienic and looked bad.

“People throw things in the streets when it rains. That rubbish goes into the stormwater drains and even bigger problems arise,” he said.

“I think residents should talk and educate each other on this matter and ensure that people don’t dump their rubbish just anywhere.”

Joe Slovo homeowners often rented out their homes to as many as ten people without getting more bins for the property, and that added to the problem, he said.

However, Joe Slovo Crisis Committee member Noxolo Mayeki said residents got angry and dumped anywhere when the garbage trucks didn’t arrive.

“We, as leaders in the area, do our best to get the grievances of our people heard, but we feel that we are not getting the same effort from the councillor and the City. Something has changed. Councillor Ngeyi used to help us with all our needs in the area, but, of late, he doesn’t seem to do anything. It seems as if we get on his nerves when we ask him for assistance, which is his job,” said Ms Mayeki.

Joe Slovo resident Andile Bam said he wanted to support local businesses but found it hard to stomach food he knew had been prepared near very unhygienic conditions.

“Although I understand that most of this mess is caused by residents themselves, I do feel like the councillor has a lot of responsibility to sort out this mess. He was the one elected to be our representative, so he should act like it more often and not treat Joe Slovo residents like second-class citizens,” said Mr Bam.

Mr Ngeyi said he would visit the area and also ask City officials to clear the rubbish.