Verge spraying useless

Y Taylor, Edgemead

Thank you for enlightening me as to the unsightly damage done to my pavement verge, I’ve been wondering who did that (“Verge spraying,” Tabletalk letters, August 24).

It was quite unnecessary, at least I should have been consulted before the spraying was done.

What makes me even more angry is that there have never been weeds in my gutter, I keep them clean.

I also spend time and money looking after the grass outside my house, so this is going to mean even more work for me, trying to resuscitate the grass.

Whoever did this spraying must be blind if they can’t see a clean gutter; I trust that the company responsible for this damage will be forced to repair all the grass verges they’ve ruined.

This spraying has never been done before (I’ve lived here over 20 years), so why now?