Violent robberies plague Joe Slovo

The busy intersection at the corner of Khozi Drive and Hobe Street where a man was allegedly stabbed last week.

A stabbing and an incident in which men with knives bore down on their victims using a minibus taxi are among the latest violent robberies in Joe Slovo Park, say residents.

Community leader Zanele Lusithi said a man was stabbed in Khosi Drive at about 8.40am on Wednesday last week.

“There were people right there, but it all happened so fast. It looked like he was stabbed pretty badly, and he was then rushed to the hospital by other residents. He was stabbed on his left side, and we just pray that he is alive,” she said.

“We as a community need to come together and find a way to stop this. Sometimes we have police patrols here in the area, but that doesn’t seem to help because this thing is continuing.”

In November last year, three people were shot and killed in Joe Slovo Park after a failed extortion attempt (“Three shot dead in Joe Slovo shebeen,” Tabletalk, November 22, 2023). And then in December, a man, on his way to work was stabbed to death while being robbed by three men (“Anyone at any time can be a victim,” Tabletalk, December 19, 2023).

A man, who did not want to be named as he feared for his safety, said that about three men with knives had robbed him in Omuramba Road on Tuesday last week. He claimed the robbers had been riding around the area in a taxi with no number plates.

“We suspect it is one of those taxis that are stationed on the corner near Sinenjongo High School. We were just standing under the shade by a tree on Omuramba Road. The taxi drove past, but then it quickly reversed. About three guys jumped out carrying big knives and demanded phones. They took my phone and another one from my friend. Some people who were also around also started running, and they were chased by the taxi. The number plate was removed from the vehicle so we can’t even say which taxi it was.”

Another community leader, Sibongile Kofi, said crime was rampant in the area but much of it went unreported.

“These criminals rob people with people watching in very busy areas of the community. And the one thing about them is that they are not afraid to kill anyone.

“What is really irritating me and other residents is that these criminals are known in the community, but people won’t speak out. This then makes the job of police very difficult. We can protest against violence all we like, but we need people to come out and report these criminals so that police can do their job.”

Milnerton SAPS did not respond to Tabletalk’s questions by deadline.