Volunteers make clean sweep in Summer Greens

A group of clean-up volunteers in Summer Greens.

Volunteers cleaned up the Emerald Way Park in Summer Greens, at the weekend.

The 100-odd volunteers were part of Asez Wao, a South Korea-based church organisation. The name stands for “Save the Earth from A to Z. We Are One Family”. They came from all over the City, and three municipal trucks were on hand to take away the garbage they collected.

Organiser Lutho Mayeko said Asez Woa wanted to take the lead in creating sustainable change in the environment.

Asez Woa member Dineo Baloi, 28, said: “We carry out volunteer activities to assist the communities as one family.

“The reason why we carry clean-up campaigns is to practise one of God’s commandments, which says love your neighbour as yourself. We carry out various activities, and among them is the Green Earth campaign, which sees us planting trees, saving water, and saving power.”

Mayoral committee member for urban waste management Grant Twigg, who is spearheading a city clean-up campaign by mayor Geordin Hill-Lewis’, was at the event, which was part of the mayor’s campaign.

“The City of Cape Town encourages organisations and communities to be involved in clean-ups such as these,” Mr Twigg said. “The City spends a lot of money in cleaning up illegal dumping. It is events like these which help limit waste built up. Litter has a devastating impact as it affects our environment.

“I want the residents of this neighbourhood to see the good that’s happening here today and do it themselves.”

Ward councillor Anthony Benadie said: “We have done remarkable work here today. I am very happy that we are slowly but surely making a difference in our ward, particularly here in Summer Greens.”