Ward 107 tackle coastal issues

Residents living in Ward 107 have a look at aerial maps of the coastline stretching from Dolphin Beach to the last parking lot after Doodles Restaurant.

City officials and residents discussed ways to save Table View’s eroding shoreline, at a meeting last week.

The 20-odd residents in Leibrandt van Niekerk hall, on Wednesday April 18, pondered large laminated aerial shots of the coastline.

Howard Gold, of the City’s environmental management department, said wind patterns, a lack of sand at certain spots, and development too close to the sea were some of the problems facing the coastline.

“The enormous amount of parking and linear development doesn’t help either,” said Mr Gold.

One possible solution, he said, would be to give up parking spaces and walkways to widen the dune belt.

A resident suggested the “lesser approach” of doing nothing and letting nature take its course.

But Gregg Oelofse, manager of the City’s coastal management, urban investment and development department, said the coastline had been changed so much because of human intervention that it needed to be cared for now.

“Our coastline is an extraordinary asset, and we have to maintain it. It’s the thing that drives the economy and the city. You can’t find it anywhere else,” he said.

Another problem, said Mr Gold, was the lack of kelp along the beach.

“The best thing for dune formation is for kelp to be left alone. Sometimes people remove the kelp and run over the dunes. It’s not the primary cause of problems but it doesn’t help either.”

Mandy da Matta from the Table View Ratepayers’ Association asked if it was possible to import kelp from other areas but Mr Gold said it would not be viable.

Last year Woodbridge Island resident Glen Huysamer complained about cleaners removing kelp from Milnerton beach (“Residents take issue with beach cleaners,” Tabletalk, July 12, 2017).

“Kelp is a natural-defence mechanism against beach erosion and can help with building up the dunes. Any natural product should be left not taken to the dump that’s already full,” Mr Huysamer said at the time.

Ward 107 councillor Nicky Rheeder said she would continue to push for funding to rehabilitate the coastline.

“The view is gorgeous from our beach, but where you enjoying it from should be just as gorgeous,” she said.

Ward 107 has an official Facebook page, Ward 107- City of Cape Town, that advertises all liquor licence applications, planning items, public participation and ward-related information.