Ward 4 DA councillor suspended from caucus

It has been announced that Ward 4 councillor Tando Jafta has been suspended from all caucus-related activities following complaints by his constituents.

After about four months in office, Tando Jafta, the DA ward councillor for Ward 4, has been suspended from all caucus-related activities, such as meetings, after complaints were received from the public that he doesn’t make himself available to the community.

He, however, will still carry out his council responsibilities.

Mr Jafta’s suspension was announced by Milnerton resident Peter Adrianatos at a Milnerton Central Community meeting on Wednesday November 23.

The news came as a shock to some who had yet to meet the councillor. Ward 4 includes Phoenix, Milnerton Ridge, Royal Ascot, Joe Slovo Park, Sunset Beach, Summer Greens, Montague Gardens, parts of Marconi Beam and parts of Milnerton.

When asked for information about Mr Jafta’s suspension, the City of Cape Town’s media team advised Tabletalk to contact the party’s chief whip directly to comment on the situation.

However, Anneke Scheepers, the DA’s provincial communications manager, said Mr Jafta had been suspended by the DA Cape Town caucus executive on Wednesday November 16 from all caucus-related activities such as meetings. However, he will still perform his duties as ward councillor.

“Complaints were received from the public of his unavailability to them, thus the caucus executive took the step to refer this matter to the chairperson of the DA’s federal executive. This matter is currently being investigated by the DA federal legal commission,” said Ms Scheepers.

Bridgette Lloyd, chairperson of the Summer Greens Ratepayers’ Association, which had had the opportunity to meet Mr Jafta, did not want to comment on the matter.

Tabletalk tried to contact Mr Jafta for comment but we were unable to reach him.