Waste of ratepayers’ money

Mathys Carstens, Summer Greens

How can the DA say Ward 4 councillor Tando Jafta has been suspended? (“Ward 4 DA councillor suspended from caucus“, December 7, Tabletalk.)

At the same time, they say he will still carry out his council responsibilities. Tando has been a problem from the start. He simply ignored any email or phone call to him.

And to think we ratepayers have to pay his wages every month. I have even contacted the office of the chief whip in the DA to complain about Tando being absent from his duties. My next move was to send an email to mayor Patricia de Lille’s office.

I received an email back that they have received my email, and that’s the last I heard from anyone. I’m ever so sorry I wasted my time voting for the DA in the August local election if this is the way we as ratepayers are treated.

DA chief whip Shaun August responds:

The DA City of Cape Town caucus executive suspended councillor Tando Jafta on Wednesday November 16 from all caucus-related activities such as meetings.

However, he was sworn in as a councillor for the City of Cape Town and therefore continues with his responsibilities in Ward 4. Recourse by the City of Cape Town will have to be guided by the rules and procedure of the City of Cape Town. This is an independent process from that of the DA.

In my capacity as the chief whip for the DA caucus, I have requested that PR councillor Ursula Barends take the lead in councillor Jafta’s absence or unavailability, and councillor Joy McCarthy is to assist in the ward until the outcome of the DA Federal Legal Commission.

The DA takes the complaints against councillor Jafta very seriously, hence this matter is currently being investigated by the DA Federal Legal Commission.

Pending outcome of this, further recourse will follow.