Watch, club agree to share space

Everyone has agreed to play nice at a City of Cape Town sports complex in Tygerhof after the local neighbourhood watch complained that it had been given its marching orders.

TygerhofNeighbourhood Watch’s Lianne Lippert said the organisation had been parking its caravan in the complex’s parking lot for five years.

But the watch had moved it onto the field four months ago as a temporary measure while the parking lot, along with the rest of the facility, was revamped.

Ms Lippert said Hellenic Football Club, the leaseholder, told the watch six months ago it was putting up a new building at the complex and “there would be an office available for us to use as they liked having the visibility and presence at their premises”.

But then a week ago the club had sent her a WhatsApp saying the watch should remove the caravan and that there was no longer an office available.

However, Hellenic Football Club chairman Mark Byrne said there had been a misunderstanding.

“The neighbourhood watch had wa caravan parked on the field for the past four months, which was never used. We asked them two weeks ago to move it as we needed the space for construction equipment,” said Mr Byrne.

While an office for the watch had been discussed it hadn’t been set in stone.

“We have never said they are not able to be based at the facility – in fact, we offered them access to a single dressing room with toilet and plugs that could be used for their patrol crews,” he said.

According to Mr Byrne and Ms Lippert, the watch has now reached an agreement with the football club giving it use of the clubhouse when needed.

The watch will continue using the front car park for its caravan and have access to a dressing room, where its volunteers can use the toilet or make coffee.

“The club is also investigating an office option for the neighbourhood watch, but this is not possible just yet as we do not have one for them,” said Mr Byrne.

Ms Lippert said that they were happy Hellenic had offered to let them use their facilities.

“They seem to believe in supporting the neighbourhood watch, and understand the importance of the visibility,” she added.

Suzette Little, Mayco member for area north, said: “The City strongly encourages leaseholders to accommodate community use of all facilities.”