Watches join in power patrol

Summer Greens Neighbourhood Watch supported by Tygerhof, Sanddrift and Phoenix neighbourhood watches, had a "power" patrol on Friday May 26.

Neighbourhood watch patrollers were out in full force in Summer Greens on Friday night.

About 70 watch members from various watches, including Tygerhof, Sanddrift and Phoenix, joined the Summer Greens Neighbourhood Watch (SGNW) “power patrol”.

They met at the community hall’s parking lot dressed in bibs and armed with torches.

Dividing into two groups, they set off in Summer Greens, some walking and others driving in marked cars.

Andrew Mentor, from the Phoenix watch, said power patrols showed the community they had an active neighbourhood watch.

“If people see the neighbourhood watch is active and visible, it will encourage them to join.”

Stephen Christian,anSGNW co-founder, has lived in the area for 17 years. He pointed out the differences between rented houses and those occupied by the owners – most of the rentals were in a shabby state and needed a coat of paint.

“Our houses could sell for a lot more if kept in a good condition. Unfortunately, the ones that are not have a negative effect on the property value in the area.”

During the patrol a man approached Mr Christian to report a suspicious flow of cars coming and going from a house in the area. Mr Christian told the man he would investigate.

The patrollers passed “Lovers’ Lane” – a small open piece of land at the boundary wall of Summer Greens, which Mr Christian said got its name from the many couples caught “doing their business” in their cars – and then headed to Malboro Mansions, where the security gate has been broken for more than a year and tenants’ cars are broken into.

Some of the residents approached the patrollers to air their concerns. The watch members advised them to be firm with the body corporate about fixing the gate and urged them to join the watch.

Emerald Park was also on the patrol’s route. The park, a well-known drug spot, was quiet on Friday night, but the patrollers encountered two young boys walking home through the park whom they questioned and warned against walking alone late at night.

The patrol ended at 9pm and SGNW chairman Reagan Crouser thanked those who had supported it.

* Call Mr Crouser at 072 874 1697 or email to join the watch.