Water babies

The children in Egret Close, Century View, sprang into action to save precious water from going to waste when a water pipe burst in their area.

Resident Joan Mendelsohn said the pipe burst around 3am on Friday February 24 and was only attended to by the council on Saturday February 25 at 4.45pm, leaving thousands of litres of water running down the road.

“But our children in our close decided that this cannot continue so with the help of their moms and myself, we started to catch as much water as possible. We eventually started going around our close and watering all the neighbours’ front lawns and their pot plants. Black wheelie bins were filled – must have done approximately 26 of them, buckets, 5l bottles, basins, whatever you could get your hands was used to save some of the water.”

Pictured are the water savers, from left, Razeen Osman, 5, Raeesah Osman, 10, Asher Olivier, 5, Mohamed Riaz Osman, 9, and Aaron Olivier, 7, with Ms Mendelsohn at the back supervising.