Weed matters

T Pietersen, Bothasig

I live in Bothasig and read the article about weed spraying .

We are always asked to keep our verges clean and tidy but then here come the “gutter weed sprayers” and spray all along the verge, not in the gutter to kill the weeds, but killing my lawn. I’m watering and buying fertiliser to make the area look great and end up with this unsightly look. I wonder if there are any other people in our area with the same “problem”.

* Helen Carstens, Ward 5 councillor responds:

There have been a number of complaints regarding the spraying of weeds that took place and how the contractor sprayed the verges.

The normal practice for spraying the verges is with a 50-100mm inlay.

However, it was picked up that on some verges, up to 300mm inlay was sprayed. This is unacceptable, and the contractor responsible has been severely reprimanded with the possibility of his contract being withdrawn and him prohibited from working for the City on any level.

It is a most unfortunate situation, and we do sincerely apologise to the residents who were affected by this unacceptable practice by the contractor. Rest assured it is being handled and should not happen again.