Where do we go?

If we cannot turn to the police to protect us, where do we go?

Milnerton police station can go back and forth investigating exactly what happened when Deborah Boyes went to the station to report a crime, but the fact remains that she left feeling mighty unhappy.

So much so that she felt the need to make a video about it then post it on Facebook for the world to see.

In a separate case, Ceinwen Müller is grieving the loss of her boyfriend, and her grief is made worse by what she feels is Milnerton police’s sloppy approach to the crash investigation.

Her unhappiness led her to seek assistance from the newspaper.

The common thread in these cases is that these women feel the police station has failed them.

The station commander says there is protocol to follow if people have complaints, but you can forgive the women for not having faith that anything will come of this either because these are not isolated cases. We live in a country, after all, where one top cop after another has been exposed as a crook.

We are headed for a dim future when the police, who are supposed to be viewed as the community’s protectors, are not seen as being reliable.

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