Where does the post go?

Jeannette Bisschoff, Sunningdale

I just simply had to respond to the letter “Mail Delivery Delay” written by Pat Collocott ( Tabletalk, April 12).

I have lived nearby in the same suburb for four years, so I was quite surprised when Martie Gilchrist responded, and I quote: “The area where Mr Collocott resides is a relatively new area, and we have not yet appointed a postman to service the area.”

Four years ago, when we moved into our home, we received post once a week on a Tuesday. This lasted one year and six months. We never received post again. All our magazine subscriptions had to be cancelled. No DStv magazine, even though all my friends in Table View still get it every month. No parcels can be delivered to me as the slip is not received, even via PostNet.

When we need a proof of address document, it is a mission to get one as everything is now via email. We have been to post offices in Blaauwberg Road, Seaside Village and Big Bay as well as the depot in Montague Gardens trying to locate any undelivered post.

I have had documents delivered to a friend’s address out of desperation. All this time, postmen are merrily delivering post in Sunningdale Drive a few roads away from our house.

I posted two letters, one on Thursday January 5 via PostNet and another on Monday March 6 via the post office, to my address to see when they would arrive. Neither has arrived yet. Where does the post go? What cupboard, box or drawer are my letters sitting in and how many more years will it take before the the suburb is not considered “new”.

Not impressed.