Where is the pride?

Ursula Spolander, Richwood

Carol Ann Sulimanec, we are in total agreement with your remarks about dumping in our suburb, Richwood (“Stop dumping,” Tabletalk, February 5).

Over our 30 years in this neighbourhood, there has been a steady decline in area.

Are the new residents far too busy to take care not only of their own garden but of the verges as well?

Weeds growing almost tree-heigh on paving, rubble just left after building, car parts and old canopies, fire-wood advertising boards, dead branches, overgrown lawns… the list is endless.

Where has pride gone? What happened to the garden competitions? Are the occupants of many of the homes actually owners or merely tenants who take no interest in caring for the properties?

Neglect brings about depreciation not only of the home but the area as a whole.

A day’s gardening or cleaning will not do anyone any harm. In fact, why not be neighbourly and do your part to bring about a positive change within this your home area: Richwood.