White fluff poses no risk, says City

Residents of Milnerton, Table View and surrounds are in the firing line for dispersing bulrush seed at this time of year, but apart from being a nuisance it’s not a serious threat to public health, say City authorities.

For several weeks at this time of year the bulrushes (Typha capensis) in Rietvlei release their seeds, which are then spread by the south-easter and stick to any outside surface, including washing, houses, cars, fences and people.”

Residents are reminded that the seeds, resembling white fluff, do not pose any serious health risks,” said a City statement last week.

“The City’s environmental management department makes every effort to try to remove some of the ripe seed heads before the release of the seeds in order to minimise the inconvenience to residents.

However, this has a limited effect on the scale of the problem,” said transport and urban development Mayco member Brett Herron.

Residents could minimise the impact of bulrush fluff by keeping their washing off lines and their faces covered on windy days, as well as by preventing the pollution of wetlands.

For more information on the City’s nature reserves go to www.capetown.gov.za/naturereserves