Who is Ella?

Anthony Gregorowski, Milnerton

On Tuesday November 21, some of my post, addressed to Heritage Close, was found — opened and with some contents removed — on a pavement in St Pierre Crescent.

At the time it was found, the postman had been seen passing the very same spot. Two items, which I had posted more than a month earlier, were being returned from a post box in Cape Town.

Other expected mail from overseas just hasn’t arrived. My mailbox is quite secure – I am sure that these letters have not yet reached Heritage Close.

I have, of course, reported this to the post office but have, as yet, had no feedback.

A postman from a block away has told me that all mail from St Pierre Crescent and southwards is, since recently, delivered through the Maitland post office.

Clearly mine is not the only post being tampered with, because along with my discarded mail was a note — which would have presumably been in an envelope containing a small gift, possibly cash.

The note, is dated September 8 2017. It reads: “Hi Guys, Please give this to Ella on her birthday. I believe you are piercing her ears, so these are for when she is able to wear different earrings.

Also, a little something for Yom Tov. Sending lots of love from us all. Lea, Barry, Dan & Jase. Xxx xx x”

Does anyone know who Ella is (I hope her ears are okay by now! Did she give a piercing scream?); or Lea, Barry et al?

Amazingly, and joyfully, since this, the gift has re-appeared a few days later, lying where the post had been… a thief with a conscience?

So I have in my possession a lovely little gift meant for Ella – I would dearly love her to be united with her gift.

My ears not being pierced, I do need to pass the gift on to the rightful recipient.

I can be contacted at 021 552 2413.