Woodbridge Primary perseveres and succeeds

Woodbridge Primary School is rich in diversity.

Woodbridge Primary School has a proud history of serving families in and around Milnerton. Built in the late 1950s, it started as Zonnekus Primary, a dual-medium English and Afrikaans school.

Zonnekus means “sun-kissed.”

The school was named after the Graaff family’s mansion which still stands on Woodbridge Island.

On December 2, 1996 it became an English-medium school of just over 300 pupils, and changed its name to Woodbridge to celebrate another historical landmark.

Now the school has well over 700 pupils from Grade R to Grade 7. Jabu Nyandeni is the principal. The school motto, “Persevere to Succeed”, underpins its determination to become one of the leading schools in the Milnerton area.

“We enjoy a school which is rich in diversity, and we are proud of the variety of languages, cultures and religions amongst our learners and our staff as well,” the school said.

Woodbridge offers an extensive extra-mural programme of sporting and cultural activities, and lends support to various community initiatives.

This year the drum-majorettes took part in the national competition in Durban and a pupil was selected for the WP under-12 netball team.