A city that cares?

Certain parts of the metro feel like the municipality doesn’t respect them and doesn’t care about them.

The less fortunate areas in our society seem to be left to fend for themselves. A community leader in Joe Slovo says his neighbourhood and Dunoon should be in a much better state because of all the industrial activity around them.

If the City really cared for people in these areas, he says, then more would be done to better the conditions and living standards. Some say these communities get fewer services because they are ANC strongholds in a DA-governed city.

Some say that it’s a slap in the face for the City to offer assistance only after disasters like fire and severe weather.

Government always uses the youth as a way to gain support, but Joe Slovo doesn’t have a youth hub or sports facilities so the youth get up to mischief.

One thing residents, community leaders, and the City can agree on is that there is no one solution to these community issues.

But one thing the communities have been saying for a long time is that government needs to meet with them and discusses frankly what is lacking and how these issues can be solved permanently. Otherwise, this five-year cycle of poor governance will continue for decades to come.