A stranger’s just a friend you do not know

Donne Moore, Sunningdale

What makes a woman, who is a stranger to me, stop at the till of a cashier in Pick n Pay and offer her bank card to pay for my groceries? An act of kindness totally unexpected or even envisaged in today’s climate of concerns.

My octogenarian thoughts were all over the place – an in-store promotion perhaps? A lucky customer number draw? It was when she hugged me and explained how much she misses her grandmother, I knew her gift was heart rendered and not an in-store campaign.

By the time I gathered my thoughts together and stopped blubbering, I realised I had not thanked her. By then it was too late. She had left.

May I now thank you for your caring gift of food and, most especially, for sharing your cherished memory. I wish I had thanked you personally.