Afraid to speak up

Police say the motive for the killing of two Joe Slovo men is as yet unknown, but the fact that the killers fired at least 17 rounds and didn’t take anything from their victims argues very much in favour of this being a mafia-style hit.

That the crime was committed in a busy public road at 8pm on a Saturday night, suggests the killers weren’t particularly worried about being seen and wanted to send a message to the community.

The message seems to have been received loud and clear because Joe Slovo residents are afraid to talk about the case. Many are still shaken by the events just months earlier when six men gunned down five people in a night of terror. So far police have only arrested one man in connection with those killings and Joe Slovo residents will be asking themselves whether any of those perpetrators had a hand in this latest incident.

Meanwhile, business people in the community have one more thing to worry about on top of Covid-19, the downturn in the economy and, of course, other crime.

It’s tragic that people are so often afraid to speak up against those who terrorise them because their silence only emboldens their tormentors and the cycle of violence continues.