Brooklyn rat run

Dumping. Overcrowding. People living rough in a park – and using it as a public ablution facility. It seems to be the perfect storm and it has lead to Brooklyn becoming, quite literally, a rat run.

Residents complain about rodents “the size of cats”, damage done to their cars and vehicles by the gnawing critters – and it’s not the first time Tabletalk has had complaints about rats and mice ruling the streets of Brooklyn.

Because bars, restaurants and offices were closed for such a long period of time due to lockdown regulations, rats had taken over and now that everything is reopening, the vermin have been uprooted.

Whether Brooklyn’s proximity to the city centre, or the fact that there’s always something available for them to eat on the streets are contributing factors, one things is clear: this is not a problem the City can solve alone. Residents and businesses also need to get involved and take responsibility for their waste.

If not, residents may just find themselves cohabiting with disease-spreading, destructive “tenants”.