Concerns over trading plan

Fay Vogel, Brooklyn

This letter is a response to last week’s story (“Councillor takes flak over trading plan,” Tabletalk, November 15). First of all, I was at the meeting for informal traders, where only six people showed up (“Mixed response to trading plan,” Tabletalk, September 20). The trading plan was advertised in the Tatler, which we as residents do not see in our neck of the woods. There was not sufficient advertising.

Secondly, I have pointed out the problems that can be anticipated should the proposed bays be approved. I have invited the councillor to come so I can point out the problems. Now I see it is awaiting approval. Does this mean it’s a final draft without taking into account what the community is saying?

I would suggest that you come and see for yourselves how badly this will impact our main road. It’s a step in the right direction, but it poses many problems. I have proposed a bay be allocated in Sheridan Street, where drugs are being sold, thereby forcing these Illegal open braais to move.

The braais were confiscated a while ago. I have informed the councillor that they have another braai stand and had no response, so they are still operating. I guess the goose is cooked no matter what the community adds.

The corner of Fenwick and Koeberg roads is another disaster as there is no space for bays. Residents will be forced to walk in the street to bypass the bays. We have many wheelchair-bound and elderly on crutches using the main road.

The City’s property consists of a narrow pavement while the businesses have broader paths so putting bays there will obstruct pedestrians badly.

I don’t know if you have just looked at the plan on paper and just picked a spot or if due diligence has taken place, such as visiting the sites that are on the table now. If not, I urge you to come and see for yourself.

Councillor Fabian Ah-Sing responds: The relevant officials are working through the comments made and will try to incorporate all the suggestions made. Once this is done, the informal trading plan will again be presented to the community.

The City has received numerous inputs from residents regarding the trading plan. It will be impossible to include all inputs, but those that are applicable will be included.