Failing man’s best friend

Chantel Kunniger, Sunningdale

This letter refers to the article about Roxy the Pitbull (“New home for homeless man’s dog,” Tabletalk, August 31.)

I am never one to put myself out there when it comes to the public, but this story has got me going to the point where I could scream I am so irritated.

To read the previous article as well as this article, really leaves me with a bad taste in my mouth, as once again an animal (who has no voice)is at the short end of the stick.

When you have people saying that Roxy was never aggressive or had any intentions to bite, clearly the gentlemen who caused the nonsense got what he asked for, and I cannot say I feel sorry for him one bit.

Dogs are a man’s best friend, and for people living on the street, they are the perfect companion as all they want is unconditional love, which Mr Bailey gave her. I mean she is in amazing conditions and I’m 100% sure she loved him back.

My heart breaks for both of them as Roxy did no one any harm and then you get one human who just destroys their lives.

I truly hope that the man in question gets what he deserves.

It’s always easy to blame someone or something that cannot stand up for itself. Absolutely disgusting.

I really do hope that they are reunited again as Mr Bailey lives for Roxy and Roxy lived for him.

The human race, disappoints once again.

• Tabletalk recently followed up about Roxy’s whereabouts. Roxy was put down on Tuesday August 30.