Greed over need

Residents feel there have been too many housing developments in the Table View area in the past few years.

Table View residents are feeling under attack by all the buildings going up in their community and it’s difficult not to sympathise with them.

A lot of them bought houses in the area to get away from other busy areas. Table View was known as one of the quieter suburbs in Cape Town but now with all the developments popping up, there’s very little peace of mind.

Yes, there is a need for housing and the western seaboard has some open space but the placing of some of these developments makes one raise an eyebrow.

Developers know that they don’t have to build on an open field opposite the R27 near Melkbos where there is no existing water or sewerage systems. They just need to convince the City of Cape Town that they can successfully build a five-storey building on existing infrastructure – with no regard as to what kind of strain that will do by bringing hundreds of people in a small area, all in the name of densification.

The ward councillor believes there is an element of greed at play. Not many can disagree.