Invasion waiting to happen

The reader says this open piece of land next to his home is not being adequately protected from land invasion.

Peter Smulik, Rugby

It’s all very nice to have essential by-laws, but if landowners of vacant property do not care or wish to adhere to any rule, then only full legal action can be the answer (“Civics welcome by-law to stop land grabs,” Tabletalk, July 7).

The piece of unused, unkempt land behind my fence is just waiting for a land invasion, and it’s not for want of warning all and sundry for years. It will, unfortunately, happen one day.

Meanwhile, we need to barricade ourselves against criminal entry from behind, from where they can gain entry, well hidden from sight. I’ve also previously had break-ins through my garage back wall.

I’ve had this ongoing issue with Public Works for 15 years, and the City is unable and/or unwilling to intervene. Making laws is one thing, enforcing them is quite another. That’s where the administration countrywide breaks down, and regrettably Cape Town is no exception.

• The Department of Public Works and the City did not respond to requests for comment by the time of publication.