Thank you for trusting me

Denise Cooper, River Glade Retirement Village, Parklands

There are good and wicked people in this world. I was unfortunate to have my debit card cloned and I also had a phone message, which I suspected was a scam, and so I went to the bank and got another card.

Needless to say, that was confusing and upsetting and I had to think of a new PIN.

Now comes the good news – I went to a luncheon on Friday with other seniors from Encore, and thank God I had enough cash on me to pay for my lunch, and on the way home, my petrol light was flashing so I went to my favourite garage, BP in Link Road, Parklands.

When the petrol attendant filled my tank (R945), I presented my card but couldn’t remember my new PIN. I was panicking a little bit and the attendant called the manager who came out and said to me and the petrol attendant that it was all right, I could go because she knows me well from frequent visits.

The next day, a friend took me to the bank and I drew out the cash and we went straight down to the garage to pay. It was smiles all round, and I was relieved that the saga was over – but thanks to the BP garage in Link Road.