Thanks for your help

J Rory Learmonth, Parklands

A couple of weeks back my wife and I and our little grandson visited Bloubergstrand – the Stadler Road area, which runs down a one-way leading past two take-aways then up past Ons Huisie restaurant.

My wife asked me to take our grandson’s pram back to the car. As I reached our car, pushing the pram ahead of me, it (the pram) suddenly came to an abrupt, unexpected stop. I fell over, getting my arms trapped under the handlebar and my body on the road surface. I was unable to move and just lay there.

Fortunately, a young couple who saw me immediately ran across the road to where I was lying to see if I needed assistance. Being in my early 80s and not that agile, I was extremely grateful for the assistance offered since I’d been lying there for nearly 5 minutes.

Anyway, they assisted me into the car and then unbeknown to me, the young man went off further along the walkway at the rocks where I have said my wife was playing with our grandchild. He called her and told her what had happened and that I needed her help.

I would hereby like to express my extreme gratitude to that couple for their valuable assistance. A very big thank you to you both.