Get ready to rev it up at Killarney

This 1936 Jaguar SS100 will be just one of the beauties on display at Killarney.

This Sunday’s Western Province Motor Club Killarney Motor Show is due to play host to more than a thousand cars and motorcycles, varying in age from the oldest, a 1901 Benz that is still in perfect running order, to some of the newest models, that will include the 2016 World Car of the Year, a Mazda MX-5.

With a collection of racing and sports cars that includes the Formula 1 Tyrrell Cosworth, once driven by Jody Scheckter, the show really has it all. But apart from these static attractions, what else is there?

Well, for starters, there are the new car and bike test drives. Then, the tractor Tug O’ War that features an entry from a unique 24-speed Lamborghini (12 forward and the same number in reverse), should provide riotous action, in opposite directions.

Variety with a capital V extends to daredevil Le Riche brothers, Brent and Bruce, who are ranked second and fourth in the United States. They will be providing incredible three-dimensional stunt action on their motorcycles. Tiny tots will be able to race pedal go-karts, with engine powered models available on the kart track for their slightly older counterparts. The nearby area is being allocated to a hover board display, an ongoing paintball shootout and an eight to 15-metre high airbag jump. On a more sedated note, Cave’s Customs are hosting a “village” display of custom bikes and cars.

There will be demonstrations by model airplanes flying overhead from time to time, while a Show ’* Shine contest and an obstacle race for drivers, is being held on the Cape Town side of the complex. The army’s armoured vehicles will have support from their pipes and drum band and there will be a fun fair, snake park and long-legged stilt walkers. AfrikaBurn is here from the Karoo, with several really wacky vehicles. These, together with a small army troop carrier that has been made available, are going to be able to move people around on the day. Of course, Killarney has always been associated with speed – fast cars, fast bikes and, at this motor show, fast food as well. With more vendors and more variety than ever before, the organisers have divided them so that no matter where you are on the complex, food and drinks, with straw bales to relax on, will never be too far away. The toilet facilities, including those for the physically disabled, have also been increased for the show.