One for the books

Bonteheuwel web designer Munsoor Boltman is ready for the next chapter in his life after his first comic book hits the shelves this week.

The comic, the first in a series, aims to help readers face their fears and find the right friends who encourage them to do good.

The 20-page comic,The Silver Rachis, took five years to complete.

In the comic, Mr Boltman, 27, wakes up in a Cape Town which has been destroyed by misleading politics.

His mission is to find out what happened and bring the city back to normal.

There is special pen which he and his friends can use to fight the evil that has taken over the City.

Readers can expect to learn some history about Cape Town in the comics to come.

Earlier this year, the Athlone News interviewed Mr Boltman, who developed his own employment portal online where unemployed people can upload their CVs and a profile of themselves to search for jobs (“Designing a better life,” February 10).

Mr Boltman said his inspiration for the comic was things he saw on the streets, such as violence and homelessness.

He said his friends and family were proud of him for publishing the comic.

“My granny is the one who is the most proud of me. She kept on telling me to get it out there. My family is quite excited about it. Some of the characters in the book are people who are close to me,” said Mr Boltman.

He said that he often doesn’t know how to feel about the book being published but he is excited and sometimes lost for words.

“It feels like waking up and getting a whole lot of presents,” he said.

The message he wants to get across to readers is that they should choose the right friends and protect each other.

He is working on his second comic book as well as a website for car fanatics, which will feature top racing events and profile racing car drivers.

* The comic will be available at Readers Den Comic Shop, Stadium on Main, Claremont, and at Tygervalley Shopping Centre for R50 each.