Sequel at Milnerton Playhouse

Collin (Shaun Saal) offers drinks to, from left, Fiona (Lizanne Peters) Bryan (Anton Schӓfer), Anne (Hannah Crafford) and, at back, David (Donovan Burger). PICTURE: Jane Amory

Milnerton Players will present the world première of So …That Happened, written and directed by Werner Asher Steffen, from Friday September 2 to Saturday September 17 at Milnerton Playhouse in Pienaar Road.

The sequel to And Then What?.. – the 2019 award-winning production at the Milnerton Playhouse – this new production answers the burning question of what happened next?

Steffen brings Anne (Hannah Crafford), Bryan (Anton Schӓfer), Fiona (Lizanne Peters) and Collin (Shaun Saal) back to life on the stage, and introduces a new character, David (Donovan Burger). This reunion turns into an exploration of the impact of the passing of time on their relationships – both old and new. For some it brings new and exciting beginnings, whereas for others there are real challenges in relation to love, loss, and finding meaning in family and friends.

For those who want to know what happened in the previous production And Then What?… a special free screening is planned for Friday August 26 at the Milnerton Playhouse.

To book for So …That Happened, visit or email, or call 082 267 1061.

Milnerton Players are offering a meal and theatre ticket package for So..That Happened. For R200 a person you can enjoy lunch or dinner on show days at Beach Blanc at the Milnerton Lighthouse on Woodbridge Island and then see the play.