A bridge too far

Lavinia Crawford-Browne, Milnerton

Referring to last week’s article in Tabletalk (“Bridge passes another hurdle,” Tabletalk, March 8), if Heritage Western Cape (HWC) believe the wooden bridge across Milnerton lagoon is of such significance that it should be restored, let them pay for it.

The City has better uses for R30 million and Milnerton residents are not asking for it. The argument by Bouwe van der Eems that the Woodbridge area has potential to become a magnificent public space similar to Mouille Point is misleading.

We do not want more motor vehicle congestion near the R27 Woodbridge intersection or on Woodbridge Island.

The intersection is particularly dangerous with heavy traffic including trucks and cyclists.

There are memorials around the intersection to those who have lost their lives as evidence of this.

Woodbridge Island and surrounds are a space where people walk their dogs, come down to the sea for baptisms, bring their families to the beach from Joe Slovo, have their wedding pictures taken, play football – and you can’t get a table at the Woodbridge restaurants. The council has paved paths and put in benches and plants. They don’t need to spend more.

The upgrading for a Mouille Point-like promenade should rightly take place in the area near the Milnerton Flea Market.

Perhaps a change in zoning of the factories in Paarden Eiland on the R27 would encourage high-density residential development and upgrading to accommodate this.

But, no, to the waste of money on another wooden bridge we don’t need.