Apply for special votes now

Voters who will not be able to cast their votes on Monday November 1 due to physical infirmity or disability can vote by special vote on the two days preceding election day.

Applications for special votes are now open and will close on Monday, October 4 at 5pm, according to the Electoral Commission of South Africa.

Eligible voters, who have successfully applied for a special vote will be visited at home or place of confinement on Saturday or Sunday, October 30 and 31.

Sy Mamabolo, the chief electoral officer, encouraged eligible voters who cannot travel to their voting stations or those who will be away from their voting districts on election day to apply for a special vote.

To qualify for a special vote, a person must be registered as a voter and must be in possession of a green bar-coded ID book, a smart ID card, or a valid temporary identity certificate.

Registered voters may apply for a special vote if they are unable to vote on voting day in the voting district at the voting station where they are registered to vote or are unable to travel to their voting station due to disability.

Voters who wish to apply for a special vote can do so online at; by SMSing your ID number to 32249; or in-person by completing an application form, appendix 25, and delivering it to the Municipal Electoral Office.

To check the status of your special vote application, SMS your ID number to 32711 or visit