Article destructive

Fatima Williams, Table View

I think your article “Quorum crunch cans TVRA meeting” (Tabletalk, April 5) is very destructive and serves no purpose. As a member of the Table View Ratepayers’ Association I feel that Mandy Da Matta and her exco team are providing an excellent service to this community.

We are now regularly informed of what is going on in our suburb, which was not happening in the past.

I receive regular minutes of the meetings because, due to my work schedule, it is not always possible for me to attend the meetings.

Ms Da Matta and her team listen to the ratepayers and are transparent in their dealings with the city council and other linked community-based associations.

I know that they are active with community clean-ups, represent us on ward council committees and on environmental committees.

The exco members are doing their utmost to find solutions to the taxi problems we face every day.

Ms Da Matta is not an accountant so your mention of finances baffles me. I want Leon Alhadeff to stop with his nonsense because it is only damaging our community’s reputation. This negativity does not benefit us.

Why is he focusing on the irrelevant money matters. The auditors were publicly announced before the audit was undertaken?

Let the TVRA carry on with the good work they are doing in our community which was neglected in the past.