Atlantis, Table View MyCiTi stations walkways covered

The newly-covered Table View MyCiTi station.
Seven months later, the MyCiTi stations in Atlantis and Table View now have roofing over the walkways and glass panels. 

The glass panels have been positioned to cover the side of the walkways so that commuters are protected from harsh summer sun, rain and wind.

Previously, the walkways connecting the four commuter platforms at the MyCiTi station in Atlantis and the three platforms at the station in Table View were exposed to weather elements.

Mayoral committee member for transport, Felicity Purchase, said: “We implemented this project to make our public transport system more convenient and safer to use. Also, the schools in the areas asked us to consider making the stations more commuter-friendly. We listened and now our commuters stand to reap the benefits – they will be sheltered from the sun, wind and rain while waiting for their buses.”