Beach litter

Karen Richardson, Sunset Beach

In response to the letter from Malcolm Clark about the mess on Blouberg Beach (“Beach a mess”, Tabletalk, October 31), I want to say that as a resident of Sunset Beach I walk my dog there early every morning and I am also disgusted that people who come to enjoy our beach can leave it in such a disgusting state.

This morning I picked up about eight glass beer bottles and several cans from the beach just below the parking area, where there are four green litter bins. One bottle had been smashed on the paving leading onto the beach, with shards of glass pointing up. I removed as much of it as I could, before any dog stood on it and cut its paws.

I find it despicable that anyone can do that and walk off and leave it.

Maybe the schools need to teach children to respect their environment, in order for them to grow up to be responsible adults.

What also amazes me is that those individuals who do at least put their rubbish in the bins, try to cram as much as they can into the closest bin until the rubbish is hanging out of it, rather than walk a few steps further and put it into one of the other bins, which are almost empty. I just despair!