De Grendel School of Skills gets tech boost

An information and communications technology company has donated a computer lab to the De Grendel School of Skills

De Grendel School of Skills is one of five schools in the country to receive a computer lab from an information and communications technology company.

The school received a donation worth R280 000 from the company.

The handover of the Technolab, on Monday November 1, was attended by Western Cape Education Department officials Berenice Daniels and Rhoda Manuel and a company representative Kutlwano Rawana

Ms Rawana said the Technolabs would help promote digital literacy.

“With the way our world is changing and how we operate, it is essential that our children become empowered through digital learning and prepared for a digital future,” she said.

De Grendel principal Andre Smith welcomed the donation.

“Many of our learners have special needs and come from former underprivileged areas. Our school empowers these young people with necessary skills for the world of work. The Technolab will help further this objective by providing digital education opportunities for learning and development.”