Drunk drivers busted

JP Smith.

A vehicle gets weaponised when a drunk gets behind the wheel, and that’s happening all too often in Milnerton, according to arrest statistics heard at the last sub-council meeting.

Principal inspector of traffic services, Desre Benadie, told the Sub-council 3 meeting that traffic officers had arrested 11 drunken drivers in Blaauwberg Road on Saturday June 11.

They had nabbed another 19 drunken drivers in Koeberg Road within the space of three hours the following day.

Officers had also impounded nine illegal taxis during an operation in Joe Slovo on Wednesday June 20.

Reacting to Ms Benadie’s report, Suzette Little, area north Mayco member, suggested drunken drivers be made to do community service. “Clearly a fine doesn’t mean anything,” she said.

“They’ve got too much time on their hands on a Sunday afternoon. I don’t have a problem with drinking, but you are driving a vehicle under the influence – it becomes a weapon,” she said.

Sub-council 3 chairwoman Helen Carstens said it was a deterrent to do community service in the area where you lived.

Ms Little asked if traffic services could consider getting offenders to do community work, but Sub-council 3 manager, Jonnnes Brand, said they had been “down this avenue many moons ago” with Mayco member for safety and security; and social services, JP Smith.

“The feedback was we need to apply legislation unbiased and allow the court to make an independent decision,” said Mr Brand.

It was also unconstitutional to identify someone doing community service, he said.

Ward 113 councillor Dr Joy McCarthy suggested tackling the problem from a different angle.

“We approve every single extended-liquor-trading-hour application. Maybe we should start reviewing the access to alcohol and take a stronger approach.”