False advertising

David Cross, Ratanga Lodge, Sanddrift

I read about Jenna Solomon and the saga about the washing machine (“Frustration as store fails to play by the game”, Off My Trolley, February 12).

A few weeks ago I  went online and ascertained that Game had patio chairs that I wanted, at Canal Walk, for R89 each.

I visited the store and they had no such chairs in stock, so their online information was pointless.

They only had other chairs for R150 each.

The department manager found that Game Central had stock of chairs for the price I  wanted to pay so I ordered 10 chairs, but this meant the inconvenience of also paying a R250 delivery charge. I was told the chairs had been moved to dispatch and would be delivered in one or two days.

When they hadn’t been delivered after eight days I  contacted Game who said there were only four chairs now at Game Central. This is typical of my experience in the shop itself, staff walking about aimlessly instead of looking after their department and caring for customers like myself and Ms Solomon who pay their wages.

I eventually got my chairs after waiting 16 days, many phone calls, copies of invoices and emails. If it wasn’t for customers entering their store, making a purchase and taking it away with them, Game would be in a sorry state, they couldn’t organise a you know what in a brewery to be frank.

* Michelle Kemp, Game, Massmart replies: Game apologises to Mr Cross for the experience he had with us. As part of our strategy this year, that has also recently been reported on in the media, we are focusing on improving customer service, which is based on the Walmart Happy-To-Help Programme.

Our aim is always to give our customers a wonderful experience so we are disappointed in ourselves that this happened and are making sure extra steps are put in place to avoid this from happening again.

* Brian Joss, Off My Trolley comments: That’s what you called being fobbed off, gently. I did ask Ms Kemp to explain the reason for the bad service. I also suggested that Game gives a gift voucher to Mr Cross for the inconvenience but she didn’t respond to my request or answer my questions.