Finding Ella

Anthony Gregorowski, Milnerton

Many thanks for publishing my letter (“Who is Ella?” Tabletalk letters, December 6 2017).

I now not only know who Ella is, but I have also met her. I received an excited phone call within minutes of Tabletalk getting out on the Wednesday from Melissa saying she is Ella’s mom.

The family came to see me, I met a slightly shy but very pretty young Ella and was able to hand over the gift – which had come from Australia. They were earrings for, of course, pierced ears, but there’s a bit of a dilemma now because Ella hadn’t yet had the courage to have her ears pierced.

The Australian dollars also in the letter had, of course, disappeared. There remains something of a mystery though because the family live about six blocks away from me and how their mail ended up with my “lost” mail is really very strange.

I have now heard from the South African Post Office, who are looking into this, and have given me a case number.

The bottom line is that Tabletalk remains a community newspaper, and has once again served the community. Well done and thank you.