Fluff a big deal

Michele Gleeson, Bloubergrand

With regards the the article (“White fluff poses no risk,” Tabletalk, April 18). Seriously? Come and talk to the residents in Waves Edge who bear the full brunt of this fluff for nearly three months of the year and see for yourself.

Many of us are on all sorts of medication to- deal with the fluff.

The medication is not cheap either. Have you ever had fluff in your eyes? Not a nice thing to happen to humans and pets alike.

Look at the fluff under a microscope and you will see it has barb-like structures on it. This causes major irritation in the eyes.

Let’s not mention the people in the area suffering with asthma. Fluff exacerbates this condition. They have to go to great expense to hermetically seal their homes from the fluff.

I have had respiratory problems since the fluff season started. I went out of town for a week and it cleared up. The minute I returned home, the problems started again. So please do not say the fluff poses no risk. It poses health risks.